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'SPLICE' F--KS With Sundance Midnight Screening Audience In A Good Way

Sarah Polley at 2010 Sundance Film Festival (left) Photo: Todd Brown
Actress Delphine Chanéac as Dren from 'Splice' (right)

From Executive Producer Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, The Hobbit) and director Vincenzo Natali (best known for his sci-fit hit Cube) comes Splice the sci-fi thriller starring Adrien Brody (Clive) and Sarah Polley (Elsa). The Splice North American Premiere took place at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, Friday, January 22 at midnight at the Egyptian Theater, in Park City.

Vincenzo Natali is documenting his film festival experience so you may have an opportunity to bump into him at Sundance. Check out Vincenzo Natali's Sundance Diary: January 22, 2010.

'Splice' Director Vincenzo Natali
Sundance Film Festival 2010, Park City at Midnight

Adrien Broday and Sarah Polley in 'Splice'
Sundance Film Festival 2010, Park City at Midnight

After the Splice screening Natali was on hand for a Q&A along with stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. The first question went something like “That’s the most f—–d up movie I’ve ever seen, and I mean that in a good way”. The 2nd and 3rd questions were pretty much the same, leading to theater-wide cheers. So, clearly Splice had won over the audience reports Charlie Prince of

Here's what people are saying about Splice after last night's midnight screening...

"My guess is people take away from the film exactly the same feeling that the audience tonight was overwhelmed with – i.e. “that’s one seriously messed up movie” - Charlie Prince,

"Fucked up is probably the best way to describe Splice. Fucked up in all the right ways." - Brandon Lee Tenney,

"...a film that is soon likely to be considered a Canadian genre gem." - Kurt Halfyard,

Sun, Jan 24 @ 9:00 PM, Salt Lake City at Tower Theatre
Mon, Jan 25 @ 11:59 PM, Park City at Prospector Square Theatre
Wed, Jan 27 @ 11:15 AM, Park City at Racquet Club
Sat, Jan 30 @ 11:30 PM, Park City at Library Center Theatre

Splice is a meditation on the relationship between creature and creators. The story revolves around two brilliant geneticists (played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody) who create hybrid organisms spliced from the genes of various animals. Their research has medical applications, and being young and adventurous, they target the top of the food chain: human DNA. Needless-to-say, mayhem ensues. But what makes Splice unique is that the true nature of the horror is emotional. And the ties that bind the scientists to their manufactured offspring is familial. Think Frankenstein!

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