Monday, January 25, 2010


Irish singer Ronan Keating is hoping to launch an acting career - he's planning a move to Hollywood after auditioning for a part in The Hobbit: Part 1.

The Boyzone star is hoping to relocate to America with his wife, Yvonne, and his children this summer as he attempts to make the transition into films. But if his plan succeeds, he may end up having to pack up once again for New Zealand - where Guillermo del Toro's Lord of the Rings prequel is set to be filmed.

Ronan Keating, Yvonne Keating and their children Marie and Jack
Masquerade Ball 2009, Irish Autism Action, Royal Hospital Dublin, Ireland

He explains, "We are going there (to Hollywood) in July, Yvonne and the kids. We'll get the kids enrolled in school there. It may be for six months or we could even give it a year. We'll see what happens. I've done a couple of castings... I've done an audition for The Hobbit. That starts shooting in New Zealand in July so we'd be based there for quite a while instead of L.A. if it happens."

According to recent reports, the release of the two-part fantasy epic has been delayed until 2012.

Boyzone release new single 'Gave It All Away' on March 1. Check out Ronan in the awesome Polydor official music video for 'Gave It All Away' on YouTube.

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