Friday, April 17, 2009

PitchTV: Vote for your favourite video pitch

Introducing PitchTV...

Entrepreneurs in search of investment and exposure for their business ideas are invited to upload short video pitches.

The community will vote for their favourite video pitches and each month, the winning videos will feature as part of Virgin Atlantic’s PitchTV show which will air on their inflight entertainment system – gaining exposure to the hundreds of business professionals who regularly fly Virgin Atlantic.

Vote for your favourite so far. The five video pitches with the most votes will make it in to the very first PitchTV show which will premiere on board Virgin Atlantic planes. Shortly after, the episode will be shown online for the whole world to see.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet submitted your own video pitch. PitchTV will be carrying on with the show over the course of the whole year so you can pitch any time. Once a month the latest batch will be posted and put to the vote.

So here goes with the first round of voting.

VOTE NOW for your favourite video pitch.

Voting closes: 27 April 2009


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