Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jackman to star in Bdwy 'HOUDINI' and Big Screen 'CAROUSEL' Remake

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Hugh Jackman, has "revealed" to Sydney's Daily Telegraph that he is working to "reappear" on Broadway in the original musical, Houdini in the spring of 2010.

His production company has been working on two musicals - one for the stage and one for the screen. "I'm really working heavily on a movie version of Carousel , a remake of that," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"For two years we've been trying to find a way to make it relevant and not feel old-fashioned and I think we've finally done that. "On stage we're working on a musical version of the life of Houdini.

"We've been working on that for about a year and we'll probably go to Broadway when we're finished. "But it'll be at least a year away."

Jackman described his fascination with the famous magician to the Telegraph stating, "He was a showman basically. He was probably the first rock star. A master manipulator of the media and a showman through and through."

While Jackman has been seen out and about in New York, most recently at several Broadway openings, his real reason for being in town revealed FOX News a number of weeks back, is the early creative rehearsals of the Harry Houdini musical. Hugh is learning Houdini's magic tricks, tricks that must be reproduced faithfully eight times a week on stage. Sources revealed that Hugh is "already working on magic routines. The show, when it materializes, would include Jackman replicating big Houdini tricks on stage.

Hugh has already played a magician in the movie, "The Prestige," so he's already ahead of the game. Magician extraordinaire Ricky Jay is said to be giving him advice.

Tony Award-winning producer Scott Sanders and Tony- nominated architect/set designer David Rockwell had announced plans to present Houdini, An Original Musical on Broadway in the spring of 2010 a number of months ago. The creative team includes Danny Elfman (music), David Yazbek (lyrics), Kurt Andersen (book), and Jack O'Brien (direction). Houdini, An Original Musical marks the Broadway debuts of Mr. Elfman and Mr. Andersen, and first-time producing debut for Mr. Rockwell, who will also design the sets.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926), one of the world's most famous and stupefying escape artists, was known to constantly up the ante. Throughout his career, the magician seemed capable of outwitting any restraint or obstacle - from handcuffs to jail cells to underwater traps and underground caves to thick walls. The only exception was his inability to satisfy his driving, obsessive quest to challenge the limitations of being human. HOUDINI, An Original Musical ultimately deals with the human yearning for astonishment and miracles-both manmade and supernatural-and the quest to defy death.

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