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'Dancing with the Stars' | 'Slaughter of the Survivors'

Pamela Anderson hugs a seal at PETA's anti-sealing campaign

Despite a record number of year-long global protests fueled by celebrities like Dancing With the Stars Canadian actress Pamela Anderson and The Barbi Twins, the annual Canadian Harp Seal Slaughter will commence this upcoming week.

PETA demonstrators protest against seal hunting outside the
Canadian embassy in Sydney. Photo: PETA

Sheryl Fink, senior researcher, IFAW
Stewart Cook/IFAW

Sealers will be going through and picking off the few pups that have survived the catastrophic ice. Heartbreaking!

According to the HSI Canada website a buyer has commissioned 35,000 seal skins so the boats will be going out for that. Scientist Sheryl Fink, senior scientist of IFAW, Bridget Curran one of the founders of the Atlantic Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition, and other animal rights advocates will be observing the hunt closely to document the cruel "slaughter of the survivors".

Bridget Curran of the Atlantic Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition
and a baby harp seal off the coast of Cape Breton - March 2009

Bridget Curran's comment on the Atlantic Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition Facebook Group states that "With Canada launching WTO challenges againt the EU, the Canadian government is insane to allow this to continue. The footage collected by the licensed seal hunt "observers" will be especially damning in light of the "natural" disaster that has befallen seals this year in the northern and southern Gulf."

Sheryl Fink discusses the "top 5 myths about Canada's commercial seal hunt" in the video below.

Canadians have spoken out against wasting taxpayer's dollars on this cruel and inhumane practice which loses millions of dollars annually; dollars which could be spent elsewhere. Pamela Anderson has made several requests for seal hunt information in her ATIP requests (access to information resquest).

Elected politicians continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the very people who were responsible for electing them.

Is Compassion Terrorism?

Compassionate people who speak out about the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals who can't speak for themselves are being labeled as "terrorists". Yes, terrorists! Laws are being rolled out in the United States to instill fear and to prevent people from exercising their right to freedom of speech, all in the name of corporate greed and profits.

Animal rights defenders, environmental and peace activists are being labeled as "terrorists" and "ecoterrorists". What ever happened to the First Amendment? Freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Right wing terrorists are allowed to roam the land freely while individuals trying to stop animal cruelty and suffering are being arrested and imprisoned.

The "war on terror" is trying to instill fear in animal rights activists. Peter Young and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Peter Bethune are two victims of this injustice (see story links after the jump). Should we become silent against the atrocities committed against the voiceless?

Peter Young, Political Prisoner and Voice of the Voiceless

The Associated Press: Japan indicts activist who boarded whaling ship

Easter Seals

It is an UnHappy Easter Day today for Canada's surviving baby seals. The Seal Holocaust starts this upcoming week on April 8, 2010.


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