Monday, April 19, 2010

Editor Tom Elkins Turns Director for 'The Haunting in Georgia'

Film editor Tom Elkins is stepping into the director's chair for the first time with The Haunting in Georgia the Gold Circle's follow-up to last year's successful horror/thriller film The Haunting in Connecticut which he edited.

The Montana Artists-repped Elkins also edited The Da Vinci Code and Wanted while starting out as a production assistant on 1997’s Gattaca. He also worked as an assistant editor on Red Eye and Cursed and is editing Joel Silver-produced supernatural thriller The Apparition. It was after his work on Connecticut and seeing what he was doing with Apparition that made Gold Circle topper Paul Brooks confident that Elkins had the stuff to helm a thriller.

Lionsgate fostered a similar editor-to-director system with the Saw franchise, promoting Kevin Greutert after five movies to helm Saw VI (and now Saw VII).

David Coggeshall, writer on the TV shows Desire and Watch Over Me, is writing the screenplay.

The Haunting in Georgia is about “the true story of a young family imperiled by mysterious entities inhabiting their property in the rural South.” Connecticut was supposedly true as well, but at best it was based on a kernel of a story — most of the tale was fabricated.

Gold Circle's Paul Brooks will produce, with Scott Niemeyer and Norm Waitt executive producing. Brad Kessell will oversee for Gold Circle and co-produce. Winnipeg's Buffalo Gal Pictures will co-produce.

The Haunting in Georgia will be entirely lensed in Winnipeg as was Connecticut. THR reports casting is currently underway and production starts in August.

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Source: THR ,/Film

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