Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dan Gaud's 'Leap': Traveling Between Parallel Worlds With A Snorkel

Filmmaker Dan Gaud's (District 9, Watchmen) short film Leap is about the dangerous side of travel between parallel worlds. The concept design is beautiful, and the mundane-looking snorkel gear adds an odd sense of menace. Luc Godbout and Virginie Goulet star in the film.

He shot the whole thing in two days with a RED digital camera (the same camera that Peter Jackson uses for his work, and which was used to shoot District 9). The short film will be 6 minutes when complete. Gaud says "It's a story about a guy that discovers that he can travel between two parallel worlds, but traveling between the two worlds has deadly consequences".

He's hoping to show it at festivals and get support to do a feature-length film that he says isn't "as epic" as Leap, but is still a superhero story on a small scale. The Leap full short will be available next month.

Check out for more information. Follow Dan Gaud on Twitter.

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