Monday, March 30, 2009

Exclusive "Dissecting Fantasies: The Secrets of Guillermo Del Toro" Exhibition Poster Available Now!

Exclusive William Stout Guillermo Del Toro Exhibition Poster is now available only through

The reknown graphic artist, William Stout, is the father of this exclusive poster art for the ambitious digital exhibition Dissecting Fantasies: The Secrets of Guillermo Del Toro.

William Stout says of his design: "The creatures and characters are behind Memo because they are his past. The gold bug creeps forward on to Guillermos shoulder because an artists past is still always with him in the present. His future is represented by the mystery of the lens. It is opaque; no one can see what his next vision will be except for him."

Stout is an award-winning fantasy artist and illustrator, and has worked as a concept artist on PANS LABYRINTH. Stout also serves on the creative team for Del Toros AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS project.

The Dissecting Fantasies exhibit started its tour in 2008 at the and is currently travelling across the globe.

The poster is approximately 39 x 30 inches on gloss, heavy paper.

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