Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Darling Spuds' North American Launch at Starbucks Today | Queen Elizabeth II on Tour Across Canada

Darling Spuds are hand-cooked creations from UK crisp connoisseur
co-founders Dave & Judy Willis at Salty Dog Brands Ltd

Darling Spuds have been invited to North America by Starbucks! Salty Dog Brands Ltd co-founder Dave Willis emailed me with the stellar news this morning. Today is the official Starbucks launch day in US and Canada for the lovingly hand-cooked, high class vegetarian friendly/gluten free option at the posh end of the crisp market. Regal crisps fit for a Queen!


It was towards the back end of the C16th that Devon’s most dashing buccaneer, explorer, poet and royal favourite, Sir Walter Raleigh, returned to England’s shores and wowed Queen Elizabeth I and her entourage with a big sack of spuds, the ‘hot’ staple crop from South America (papas criollas) that was taking North American taste buds by storm.

How curious therefore, that some four hundred years later in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckinghamshire-based barge farers, Judy and David Willis have introduced their beloved Darling Spuds crisps (in exclusive to Starbucks packs) to the fine snacking fixture of some 5,700 Starbucks stores throughout North America today.

It would seem that Seattle’s favourite fine coffee virtuoso fell in love with Darling Spud’s good looks and simple, ‘Make the potato the hero’ philosophy. Intrigued by the brand’s unashamedly quirky English personality, they applauded the family business’s premium, hand-cooked positioning that champions discerning, vegetarian-friendly flavours that are all-natural and gluten-free.

According to co-founder Judy Willis, ‘Although it’s too early to say whether this is yet another example of the ‘special relationship’ that exists between our two nations, it’s really rather nice that our distinctly delicious brand of crisps now has the opportunity to return to its roots.’

As in the UK, North American Crisp connoisseurs will enjoy Darling Spuds in 40g (1.41oz) bags.

Darling Spud’s US offering will be produced in Phoenix as part of a very deliberate strategy to keep the company’s carbon footprint to a minimum

In the first instance Starbucks will embrace the Sea Salt and Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chili variants in Starbucks branded bags although Darling Spuds intend launching their full portfolio state side in 2010.

As a bastion of magnificent premium British snackery, Darling Spuds also flourishes abroad, especially in Spain, Mexico, Poland, Japan and North America.

In the UK Darling Spuds is stocked in Fenwicks, Budgens, Massarella’s, Puccinos, Harrods, Thorntons Cafes, Wholefoods and a nationwide network of discerning delis, classy hotels, thoughtful independents and top-notch gastro pubs.

Darling Spuds is a leading branded light within the ‘Free From’ fraternity, providing a high class vegetarian friendly/gluten free option at the posh end of the crisp fixture

Darling Spuds is a proud ‘independent only’ offering which helps the brand distinguish itself further from those brands willing to gatecrash the major multiples snacking fixture.


Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Montreal)

"The 'Crisp' Connection" . . . Darling Spuds hit North American Starbucks locations today, just in time for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Canada.

"It is very good to be home," the queen told hundreds of Canadians standing in blustery rain in hopes of catching a glimpse of Canada's titular head of state, according to Yahoo News.

Her Majesty is currently on a cross Canada tour and will be visiting the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg on Saturday, July 3rd to present it with a stone from Runnymede, UK, the birthplace of the Magna Carta.

"Stellar 'Crisps' fit for a Queen". . . We hope Her Majesty has some Darling Spuds tucked away in her handbag to snack on during those long flights and limousine rides on the 9-Day Royal Canadian Tour.

Official Sites
Salty Dog: www.saltydog-grrr.com
Darling Spuds: www.darlingspuds.co.uk

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