Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PETA Activists Dressed as Seals to Protest Canadian Seal Slaughter Arrested in Front of Canadian Embassy in DC

PETA members dressed as a bloody seals are arrested by Secret Service after
blocking traffic in front of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, Sept. 16, 2009,
where they asked Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to
killing the seals.

Today Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in D.C., and as the world turns its eyes to Canada for this event, PETA wants to remind everyone of Canada's shameful slaughter of defenseless baby seals. PETA members held a demonstration this morning at the Canadian Embassy to speak up for the hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals who are mercilessly clubbed to death on Canadian ice floes
year after year.
The Associated Press reports that three animal rights activists protesting seal hunting have been arrested in front of the Canadian embassy in Washington.

U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says officers arrested three members of PETA this morning on charges of disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly and failure to obey. The women taken into custody wore white seal costumes streaked in red paint to represent blood.

The protesters crawled onto Pennsylvania Avenue and blocked traffic. When they refused to move officers removed their masks, handcuffed them and carried them to the sidewalk.

About 15 other activists nearby held signs asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to “stop the seal slaughter.” The group says harp seals are targeted in Canada and wants to send Harper a message as he visits President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama sees the Canadian seal hunt as "inhumane" and vowed to express his "outrage" during his days as a senator, it was revealed on April 09, 2009 in the Star.

Obama, who has not spoken publicly about the seal hunt since becoming President, vowed in a 2006 letter to animal-rights activists to work with colleagues "to ensure that we take all the necessary steps to express our outrage" with the Canadian government.

"I share your concerns about the Canadian seal hunt," Obama wrote to a member of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, in the letter, dated April 13, 2006.

"As you know, Canada annually opens its eastern waters to commercial seal hunting. The United States and European Union have been unified in their opposition to the slaughter of seals by passing legislation decades ago to restrict the sale of seal-based products within their borders," Obama wrote.

"I certainly believe in the spirit of these acts; the U.S. should not condone this recent Canadian action."


Jodie said...

Why not dress up like a pig, throw some fake blood over yourself and roll around on the ground. The few seals that are killed in Canada is nothing compared to the number of animals that are killed in commercial slaughterhouses around the globe. At least the seals get to live a natural live before they are shot, the poor animals in some farms are overfed and live in terrible conditions. Shesh.

Little Awesome said...

I hate this insanity. My little sister was in 2nd grade when she had a project about harp seals. She had to get all the info she could about this species and this popped up. Think a
6-7 yr. writing about all these innocent animals dieing . Now she is a vegetarian and lets NO ONE have fur in the house if its not a fake puppy or some stuffed animal but like a coat not even fake fur on like sofa or clothing. STOP CANDA YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!